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SQUIRT Link Building Automater….

As most of you know I wrote a tool to automate submissions to SQUIRT, BluehatSEO’s ( Eli’s ) automated link building tool What the script I wrote allows you to do is que a list of domains in a file so you don’t have to go the the site and make submissions everyday. I’ve read on a lot of boards that people were having some issues with it and just wanted to let you know if you’re having trouble please leave your questions here. I tested it again yesterday and it seems to work just fine on my server so maybe you have something configured incorrectly. Some things to check:

  1. Is your cookie dir writable?
  2. Do you have your root directory set right?
  3. Does your cookie dir exist?

Let me know~!

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  1. Scott Scott

    This is what is showing in my admin panel when I use the tool. The keywords in this example are first,second,third.

    URL: Keywords:first secondkeyword3=third

    As you can see in the example, rather than posting my URL, it’s posting the squirt admin panel URL. The keywords are all there, but something is tweaked. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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