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New tutorial on Filling Forms using PHP added

Sorry for the long delay in between tutorials. Looks like about a month and a half. With the summer time here there’s a lot going on non-work related. So if you’ve been waiting for the first newbie tutorial on how to post data to forms using PHP, it’s here!

Basic PHP Form Fill Tutorial

Please let me know what you think. I tried to cover all the steps from start to finish on posting to a form using Curl and PHP. If you have any suggestion to add to the tutorial please leave them here. Keeping in mind this is a super basic all for beginner tutorial. Good Luck!


  1. Hal Hal

    Hi, I enjoyed following your walkthroughs on form filling and scraping. It was very satisfying to retrieve a single piece of data! However just wondering if this is a missing link or the rest is still to come?
    Next: Parsing Multiple Items from A Data Source
    If you have a second, would really appreciate it if you could email me some links for further reading.
    Many Thanks!

  2. Larry Larry

    Yes, I am wondering the same thing. Is the link to “Parsing Multiple Items from A Data Source” intentionally broken? I’d really like to read the rest of the scrapping tutorial.

  3. Justin Justin

    Hi, great tutorials I really liked them. Just wondering if you are going to offer more. You could even create a membership site with tutorials. I for one would definitely pay you some $$$

    Some stuff on captchas would also be A+++

  4. Flowetic_B Flowetic_B

    Hi, A+ for the tutorials. Thats some real good work. Its basic, easy to follow and most of all easy to understand. Thanks a lot for the help, your efforts are much appreciated.

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