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Personal Mission

Have you learned all the basics for performance marketing?

Are you comfortable with Facebook Ads, Email, Google Adwords and running other peoples offers successfully?

Are you tired of constantly building and then everything keeps falling apart… leaving you left with nothing?

Then you are just like I was 5+ years ago…

Are you making good money but board and want to do something greater?

Want to do more then just generate cash flow?

Want to be proud of what you build and excited to tell your friends and family about it?

Looking for meaning in life?


If you answered yes to a lot of these questions then you’re who I write this blog for…

I truly believe that CPA media buying affiliate marketers are the best marketers in the world.

I know many people that have built massive companies out of the skills they learned as CPA media buying affiliate marketers.

Most of you have started on a path that looks like this…

  • friend says you can make money online
  • You try it and fail for a while
  • You fall into something that’s easy money and converts like wildfire…but question if what you’re doing and/or how you’re doing it is right.
  • But it’s making you a lot of money so those thoughts don’t come strong in the beginning.
  • But they grow…
  • You’re looking for something more…. but not quite sure how to get there.

That’s what this blog and my mission is all about. I want to bring the best marketers in the world together and help them bridge the gap to creating amazing things that make the world a better place. Not just things that make money.

So if you’re ready to go on that adventure, join me and let’s change the world together!