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( 3 ) Secrets to successful Facebook Ad campaigns…. Offervault Webinar

Sorry it’s been a while….

In 2016 I’m working on building out a content strategy for my blog as well as the A4D blog. This way I can share what we’ve been working on and what we’ve learned in the last year. It’s all been growing crazy fast which in turn equals a lot of problems. But at A4D we have a pretty solid footing internally now which will allow me to focus some of my efforts on helping others.

Goal to give you more content… we’ll see if it happens. ( A4D Meet Up?)

In this webinar with Offervault I discuss the power of CTR’s with Facebook Ads.

As most of you veterans know the key thing to focus on for success with Facebook ads is Ad CTR. It’s typically the key component between a winning and a losing campaign. Much more so then demographic, interest and targeting,

I this webinar I talk about

  1. Why CTR matters so much and how it alone can make you a successful Facebook Ad Buyer.
  2. What is the biggest difference between new and expert advertising buyers.
  3. How you can learn to build muscle memory in these skill sets without spending a lot of real world money.

I want to thank Mark and the gang from Offervault for putting this on. If you’re not already a member and you’re interested in CPA offers they’re a great resource to look for pricing and offers to run.

For those of you that have already watched the webinar here’s a few useful tools I discussed in my talk…


Facebook CPC Prices by CTR
Facebook CPC (cost per click) costs based on ad CTR’s (click thru rates)

These numbers are great to help you plan your projections for you campaigns and if they potentially will or won’t work.


The Marketing Math worksheet and practice I mentioned. This is a 5 part series I did years back with a Marketing Math worksheet and excel spreadsheet for campaign planning.

Marketing Math – The Core of it All


On another note:

A4D Meet up, coming again to Hard Rock, San Diego on June 4th, 2016. We have an absolutely amazing line of media buyers that work this business every day. They always come and share their inside secrets with the small intimate group in San Diego. So save the date and we look forward to seeing you in June. We’ll have a sign up for for you shortly… stay tuned!

Our last event was 2014 here’s a view of what you missed. 2014 A4D Meetup Recap

Jason Akatiff




  1. Marco / Bimmer Marco / Bimmer

    Hi Jason,

    I would like to thank you very much for putting the time into this presentation to help others! I will be looking out for more because it helps a lot!

    At this moment I have 2 products (beauty niche) that I sell trough my e-commerce sites (each product/brand has its own site). I’m very interested in learning how to use Facebook effectively to grow sale for both these products.

    The examples you gave about how to increase CTR, testing different images while keeping the headline and body is a great tip. I’ve also learned that from playing your game a few weeks ago (which was very helpful, I’m eagerly waiting for the new gaming content so I can learn even more).

    I also researched both examples ads (the solar panels ad and the frostfight ad) to look for their landing pages as well.

    The one of the solar panels I have found, which was very interesting. The one of the frostfight ad I could not find, i’m very interested to see that one because it seems to relate more to my situation because this is also about a physical product, and they are also running an e-commerce site.
    I’m wondering how they hold the connection between the ad and the landing page, I assume they made a special page for it instead of just sending it to their e-commerce site.

    Is there a way i could find out about the landing page that was uses Jason? That would be really helpful!

    I also just checked out product squad, and I am so glad there is some platform out there that is about products/e-commerce and online marketing! I will go ahead and get an account there!

    Thanks again Jason for taking the time to help out others. This is very much appreciated!

    • Sure Bimmer, I’ll shoot you the link. That offer hasn’t done that well overall. We’ve tested to an advertorial and direct to form. The conversion rate just hasn’t been there for us. They’re reworking the copy again right now and we’ll continue to iterate.

      But I’m happy to send those things to you.

      Really appreciate the posts on our product building forum. I’m use that as the platform to share my knowledge on our own product building experiences internally. Also, see case studies for others building products and the iterations they go through. Should be a fun great learning environment for that.

      Talk with you on and I’ll shoot you an email with those thinks.


  2. Isreal Isreal

    Great stuff Jason. I’m a long time reader of your posts, articles and advice on IM. It’s always solid, useful info. Product Squad is perfect for where I’t at now. I’m just venturing into the data collection/email marketing space and am currently looking at product creation. Looking forward to reading more content.

  3. Marco / Bimmer Marco / Bimmer

    Hi Jason,

    Thank you for your response. I’ve already registered on the forums as you have seen. I’m looking forward to follow your journey in building your products.

    Did you happen to sent me an email yet with those links? I checked my inbox and spam but haven’t received them.


  4. Paul Paul

    Hi Jason – any possibility we could still get the $97 coupon code price.

    I’m over here in Australia so missed the “today only” deal due to timezones.

    Thanks for the great content, I’m really keen on trying the game and very serious about this business (I recently signed up as an affiliate with you, and met your team in Bangkok last Dec at AWA – Sean P).

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