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Welcome to the Blog….

In an effort to let everyone who’s intersted in coding for SEO and Affiliate marketing with a HEAVY emphasis on PHP coding have a voice I decided to setup a blog so that others could

  • leave comments
  • ask questions
  • make connections
  • respond to what was being posted on for tutorials

I’ll try and post on a weekly basis but no promises. This will definately be easier then make a new page each time I want to post something new on the site. As there’s constantly news and good information I’m finding everyday.

I look forward and appreaciate your readership.



  1. admin admin

    leaving myself a comment to try this out.

  2. yast yast

    every week a post ? oh boy that would be nice,looking forward to it πŸ™‚

  3. admin admin

    yeah it would be πŸ˜› we’ll see if it happens πŸ˜€

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