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Understanding How Email Submits Work

Was reading a post on a forum the other day and someone was asking about where email submits convert. Figured I’d share the honest answer.

Every affiliate offer there is has a backend to it that is designed to take the money they payout to affiliates and then make a profit on that media spend. So if we use a email submit as an example the answer is yes you do technically get paid after the email submit is done.

However in reality most of the companies do shady stuff and make your pixel not fire X% of the time to make your traffic profitable to them. All this is built into their backends.

So with the email submit example again you have a few stages

1. email submit
2. data submit
3. coreg path
4. offer wall

the email submit is worth about 10-20 cents to the advertiser. Data is worth another 10-30 cents. Coreg is a way to find out what your interested in then sell your data to those people for a higher price. Think mortgage leads or insurance leads. Might sell for 1-2$. Then last is the offer wall this is a bunch of affiliate CPA offers that the user is incentivized to fill out to get the free gift.

With that said each user you send it worth X on avg. so they make your pixel fire Y number of times. To make it worth while for the to buy your traffic.
I know it’s ugly but it’s a reality just trying to shed the light. Not saying this is OK, just saying it is how it is.


  1. Although I knew this info…interesting info for other affiliates to know. Many don’t know how email submits work at all. Thanks for the share.

  2. Bobby Bobby

    I am working on my own email submit. do you know of any companies that are good to work with in regards to the data/coreg part? i tried contacting a lot of the networks that some of the other email submits used but found them unresponsive. Thanks smax!

  3. alan alan

    And because email submits are basically direct arbitrage the advertisers side you are guaranteed to get your leads scrubbed so it is always profitable for the advertiser.

  4. Poster Poster

    Here’s my insight after having run the back end as an email submit advertiser:

    The best way to make submits work long-term as an affiliate is with email traffic or female-targeted banner traffic, which produce the highest back end value to the advertiser.

    Search and PPV typically have an extremely low back end value and you’re going to get scrubbed, no matter whose offer it is.

    Bobby – to make any reasonable amount of money off of your coreg path you should negotiate direct deals with advertisers. One to two solid coreg offers will produce a far better eCPM than if you go with Q Interactive, Smiley, Clash Media, Coreg Media, or any of the middlemen in the space. Most, if not all of these companies will broker individual offers if you cannot get the direct deal. Keep in mind that coreg traffic is typically very low quality, so make sure you have ironclad contracts and collection procedures in place, as non-payment is pretty common. Check out the major advertisers’ paths and you’ll get a feel for which offers generate the highest CPM’s pretty quickly.

  5. Hey-

    I have never done email submits..thank you so much for the information.

    So the scrubbing depends on the backend converting? If the backend is not converting..they are saying you are sending bad leads and scrub you leads?

    Smaxor, when you say “data submit”..what data is being sold?

    Thanks for the post.

  6. seriously, this blog is awesome . I think im gonna stick around and read about 6 of your posts. take care

  7. Michele Michele

    what about the data submit path and coreg path

    how do we set it up?

  8. can you shed more light on coreg ?

    i have done email submits, and they are a quick earner.

    But i dont know what is co reg ?

  9. ray j ray j

    so basically they should not be called email offers. they should be called” i only pay you if i make money and I dont care if you have organic traffic offers”

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