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How To Approach Making Money Online the Blackhat Way!

If you haven’t guessed by now I’m not the kind of guy to give fish out, I’m a strong believer in the “Teach and man to fish” theory.

Not sure how this is going to work but I thought I was a great conversation on some of the basics of blackhat. Now this isn’t get rich quick stuff it’s more more focused on how to approach things and how to learn “how to do Blackhat” from a root base level. If you’re looking for the answers and a just do X, Y and Z and you’ll get rich this isn’t the post for you. Hell this isn’t the blog for you. Let me know what you think as this was about an hour conversation with some friends of mine on IRC.

All Names except mine have been changed to protect the innocent 😛


<Smaxor> ladies
* Joe has joined #cakes
<Joe> f*** 82 clicks yesterday not one f***IN conversion…f*** ppc i need to get into some blackhat sh**.
<Joe> nice shades
<Joe> yo man, point me in the right direction for getting sh**loads of traffic through BH techniques? im a coder too….
<Jerry> Joe,
<Joe> yeah i got that on my rss feed
<Joe> i guess right now, my main goal is to make some FAST cash to get me started, then i will start building up slower, but more reliable forms of profit
<Jerry> doesn’t work that way
<Jerry> you build slow so you can learn how to properly build fast
<Joe> there’s tons of methods damnit…blogging….arbitrage, i donno
<Jerry> well pick one and try it
<Joe> do autoblogs really work? i mean…most people only see $5 a week lmao
<Joe> or…most people i’ve talked to
<Jerry> if done properly they can make some money
<Joe> do you use wpomatic
<Jerry> no i write my own software always
<Joe> or autoblog
<Joe> oh ok
<Joe> think it’s better to slap adsense on them or some aff links
<Jerry> or both
<Joe> are directory submissions worth it
<Jerry> helps get indexed
<Joe> i heard about this SQUIRT sh**
<Smaxor> Eli’s a good guy
<Joe> yeah he’s very creative
<Joe> and a coder…f*** if i was creative, i’d have some dough because people on WF all the time say if you can code you should be makin some money
<Joe> so i must have somethin wrong with me goddamnit
<Smaxor> would you quit with the self hating
<Smaxor> that sh** gets old
<Joe> nah im not self hating
<Smaxor> <Joe> so i must have somethin wrong with me goddamnit
<Smaxor> that’s self hating
<Smaxor> now shouldn’t you be doing something to make some money
<Joe> yes i should
<Joe> don’t know exactly what though. f***.
<Joe> 82 mother f***in clicks yesterday not one conversion
<Smaxor> sounds like you suck at picking keywords
<Joe> this is why i need some f***in free BH traffic
<Joe> nah those same KW’s were converting well
<Smaxor> well what happened?
<Joe> maybe cuz it’s christmas time idk people are probably busy
<Smaxor> not to busy to click
<Smaxor> my conversions and traffic has gone up as we approached xmas
<Joe> maybe im just in a slump then, idk because it’s a free trial offer
<Joe> well they pay S + H
<Joe> Smaxor how did you learn BH
<Smaxor> I stopped talking on irc and reading forums and spent a few months doing nothing but watching the serps
<Smaxor> then reverse engineered what I saw on there
<Smaxor> that’s the only way to do blackhat
<Smaxor> reading forums and sh** isn’t going to get you anywhere as the really good stuff isn’t talked about
<Joe> and being creative, exploiting high-traffic sites
<Smaxor> nope
<Smaxor> none of that
<Smaxor> researching and seeing what other people are doing
<Smaxor> then copying it
<Joe> $100 a month
<Smaxor> you’ll eventually learn your own ideas
<Joe> wonder if it’s worth it
<Smaxor> are you not f***ing listening to me
<Joe> im listening
<Smaxor> don’t ask a question then ask about something else
<Smaxor> no that’s a waste of “your” time ( not everyones just yours specifically )
<Joe> k
<Smaxor> if you want to learn blackhat do what I told you
<Joe> watch serps for months
<Joe> reverse engineer
<Smaxor> yep
<Smaxor> look at the high competition high payout niches
<Joe> education
<Smaxor> drugs, finance, ringtones
<Joe> my AM told me to try edu on ppc
<Joe> i bout slapped him
<Joe> only thing though, if i start getting BH traffic, im scared of getting banned from my aff networks
<Smaxor> quit being a pussy
<Joe> well i cant make money if i get banned from the aff networks :-\
<Jerry> there are tons of affiliate networks
<Jerry> most will warn you if you’re getting sh**ty traffic
<Joe> ok
<Smaxor> yeah blackhat traffic isn’t an issue usually unless you’re stupid about it
<Smaxor> and spamming links while you have the offer up
<Smaxor> and redirecting or some sh**
<Joe> hmm
<Carl> Smaxor – you should write a Blackhat Affiliate Playbook – similar to diorex’s, but with automation involved 😉
<Smaxor> yeah there’s just to much to know
<Smaxor> to be honest
<Smaxor> there’s no playbook really
<Smaxor> casue there’s a million things you can do
<Smaxor> suppose I could write a playbook on sh** like read the serps
<Smaxor> but stuff evolves pretty quickly
<Smaxor> and I don’t give out direct info that’s working
<Smaxor> if I can still really exploit it then not worth publishing
<Smaxor> my blogs just for fun and helping people out, not worth losing money because I’m blogging about some sh**
<Jerry> curl tutorials are all anyone should need
<Jerry> if you can’t make money by using curl to scrape other websites then you probably aren’t creative enough for that type of stuff
<Mike> what about php?
* Mike just ordered that php book last night.
<Jerry> sigh
<Smaxor> honestly when I need something new to automate all I do is go to the serps and find what’s working then make it
<Jerry> curl/php
<Smaxor> honestly it’s all right there
<Mike> ohhh
* Mike nods.
<Mike> my b 😛
<Smaxor> php is just a tool
<Jerry> yeah same
<Joe> (12:33:12) ~ (@Jerry) if you can’t make money by using curl to scrape other websites then you probably aren’t creative enough for that type of stuff
<Joe> true dat :-\ i know how to use php and curl and sh**
<Joe> just not f***in creative enough to know what to do with my goddamn skills
<Smaxor> shut the f*** up Joe I’m tired of hearing your whining
<Joe> hey, im a newb 😛
<Joe> everyone was noob at some point
<Smaxor> Joe is a retard I told him go look at the serps but nooooooooo he just wants to whine
<Joe> im not whining homie
<Jerry> dude you are kinda whining, just go try some sh** and see what works, thats how everyone gets started
<Joe> and if i was a retard i wouldn’t even be in the business at age 16
<Joe> how could one profit off a script that creates a gmail or hotmail account
<Smaxor> dude
<Carl> you can sell it to me 😉
<Smaxor> shouldn’t you be looking at the serps?
<Carl> if its php
<Carl> not the esrun one
<Carl> mine was Joe
<Joe> the one i make would probably have manual captcha solving
<Joe> because idk too much about captcha crackers
<Joe> or captcha solvers
<Carl> thats a bummer
<Smaxor> yeah the script to create stuff like gmail accounts is easy
<Smaxor> the captcha stuff is hard
<Joe> yes.
<Joe> ah f***
<Carl> Smaxor – hes on the right path…serps show a lot of sh** feeding to blogspot, which involves a gmail account (kinda)
<Carl> seems like the best way to make throwaway sites
<Joe> blogger creator
<Smaxor> so then start coding
<Joe> well. see the sad thing is, i’d code it, sell it for not that much, then people i’d sell it to would probably make a lot more money off of MY code
<Jerry> great attitude
<Joe> how? IDK
<Joe> im just tellin it like it is.
<Smaxor> is that more whining I hear?
<Smaxor> nah you’re telling it how you see it
<Smaxor> that’s not “how it is”
<Joe> dude im not tryin to f***in whine im just speculating on what will happen because ive seen it happen
<Smaxor> so cause soemthing has happened with some dipsh** in the past means it’ll happen to you?
<Smaxor> seriously you should get a job at Mc Donalds
<Smaxor> I’m being honest
<Smaxor> that’s what you think of yourself
<Joe> thanks bro.
<Smaxor> only being honest
<Smaxor> you need to pull yourself together and be a man
<Smaxor> decide you’re going to make something specific work
<Smaxor> then not quit until you do
<Joe> been trying that for 6 months
<Smaxor> and stop talking all this sh** about well poor me I’d probably do blah blah blah
<Joe> every since I joined WF
<Smaxor> that’s cause you’re not focusing
<Smaxor> you’re wasting a bunch of f***ing time trying 10 different things and talking in forums and on IRC
<Joe> im just trying to think of ideas on how i can write code that will benefit me.
<Joe> not other people.
<Smaxor> dude what did I tell you to do?
<Joe> i know look at the f***ing serps i been doing that
<Smaxor> not enough
<Joe> even read the goddamn wiki
<Smaxor> have you spent 8 hours a day staring at them for a month
<Smaxor> looking at all the different serps
<Smaxor> looking for things that keep popping up
<Smaxor> then investigating those thing?
<Joe> wish i could spend that much time
<Joe> but i’ve got to go to f***ing goddamn school
<Smaxor> look at that serp result
<Smaxor> and tell me what you see
<Joe> alright
<Joe> i see a sh**load of sponsored results
<Smaxor> in the organics
<Joe> some blogs
<Smaxor> what about them
<Joe> medical sites
<Joe> holy sh**!
<Joe> look at the ps3forums result, click it
<Smaxor> what about it?
<Joe> dude is smart as f*** made a profile on buy viagra so it’d get indexed then i guess found an exploit to make the page redirect to his buy viagra pag
<Joe> e
<Mike`> lol
<Smaxor> hmm look at that 1 min later and all of a sudden you looked in the serps and found something
<Smaxor> shocker
<Mike`> that is pretty good
<Joe> yeah
<Smaxor> there’s more there
<Smaxor> a lot more
<Joe> vbulletin 3.6.8
<Smaxor> that you can find out from that one query
<Smaxor> there’s at least 3 strateies to be found from investigating those rankings
<Joe> dont see any public exploits for 3.6.8 so idk how the hell he did that redirect
<Joe> because vbulletin stops <script> tags
<Smaxor> so you don’t have to see exactlly how to do it
<Smaxor> who’s to say you couldn’t just use an image
<Smaxor> and a link
<Mike`> spam blog technorati
<Smaxor> with that rank
<Smaxor> yeah
<Smaxor> there’s another one
<Smaxor> if you look at that stuff enough they just jump out “Glaring spam”
<Joe> wonder how the f*** he got that rank
<Mike`> Viagra pharmacy which key above frank. So charge. Purchase cloud so heel. For heap in bandage. Here you search gesture that was fence often packet without bake or again spoon or loss, lash was title sometime brush.
<Mike`> lol
<Mike`> nice post 😛
<Mike`> sounds like a translation went bad.
<Joe> yeah how the hell did a dude create a blogspot and get like third in the serps
<Joe> mofo is probably BANKIN
<Smaxor> maybe you should do some reasearch on it
<Smaxor> the answer is there
<Joe> only thing i see is keyword stuffing
<Smaxor> do you know anything about seo
<Joe> and general SEO – h1 tags, meta tags
<Smaxor> if not you need to spend some time understanding seo
<Joe> i know SEO
<Smaxor> then how do you rank for sh**?
<Joe> h1 tags, meta tags, keyword stuffing
<Joe> getting inbund links
<Smaxor> ok
<Joe> relevant inbound links
<Smaxor> well then it sounds liek that might be a good thing to look at right?
<Joe> getting links
<Smaxor> what links they might be getting?
<Joe> relevant ones
<Joe> that dude with the third serp
<Joe> on buy viagra
<Joe> he spams his site on government sites
<Joe> .gov sites
<Joe> looks like .gov site links are really important
<Smaxor> as I said, if you do what I say, looking in the serps, then you’ll learn if you’re looking for the answers anywhere but in the serps you’re wasting your time
<Joe> yes i think i have a very small idea what you mean, but when i look at the serps i dont know what im looking for.
<Joe> i just see results. results for my query
<Carl> what results ‘shouldnt’ be there…in your eyes
<Carl> those are usually the ones you want to replicate
<Joe> ah
<Smaxor> well what’s our goal? to get to those positions right? so how about copy what they’re doing and you will probably end up at your goal
<Smaxor> it’s a fairly simple concept really
<Joe> Smaxor
<Joe> do you think landing pages are important
<Joe> or, do you think it’s cool to grab a domain and have it redirect to the merchant LP
<Joe> and then link spam the f*** out of the domain you bought
<Smaxor> I think it makes sense to copy what you see working if you wnat the same result
<Joe> k i gonna buy domain spam the domain and have it do a redirect
<Smaxor> is that what you see happening there?
<Joe> uh, im not sure
<Joe> how do domain redirects appear in serps
<Joe> does it just show the content of the redirected page
<Smaxor> well there’s a lot of ways and all the answers are in the same location
<Smaxor> become a detective
<Smaxor> and stop asking so many god damn questinos
<Jerry> haha that dude got #3 for buy viagra by parasite hosting on technorati
<Jerry> gg
<Smaxor> ;
<Smaxor> )
<Smaxor> like I said there’s a lot to learn just in that one query
<Joe> f***
<Joe> im still trying to figure out how that mother f***er got to google first page for buy viagra on a mother f***ing ps3forums
<Joe> tis google cache
<Joe> look at that, his join date. one week ago, and he’s on the first page of google for the most saturated niche ever
<Smaxor> amazing what you find in the serps ain’t it
<Joe> yes.
<Joe> now i want to know how he did it
<Smaxor> no forums talk about that sh** do they
<Joe> not ps3 forums
<Joe> but still he got to first page!
<Jerry> he means no seo forums talk about how he did that
<Smaxor> I mean you wouldn’t find that sh** out unles you look at the serps
<Smaxor> no one is going to give you the answer on a seo forum how to do that kind of stuff
<Smaxor> you have to research it and test
<Joe> yeah i know i wouldn’t find it out unless i looked in the serps
<Joe> but the serps dont tell me how the f*** he did it :-\
<Smaxor> of course they do
<Joe> i been thinking, and i seriously have no f***in clue, how the hell a dude can register on a ps3 forum, put a banner up in his sig, and get on the fron
<Joe> t page in one week
<Jerry> so figure it out =)
<Joe> there gotta be somethin im missin
<Jerry> the answer isn’t in this channel, that’s for sure
<Joe> indeed.
<Joe> but working alone is for idiots, thats why im in here. to talk to and learn from people who have more experience than me
<Jerry> theres a fine line between bouncing ideas off someone else and begging for help
<Jerry> if you haven’t tried to do it yet you have no idea if it works or not
<Jerry> just go try sh** dude
<Jerry> how many sites have you made to test any of this stuff today?
<Jerry> my guess is 0
<Smaxor> right however you have to have something to contribute to the conversation before you can even have a conversation
<Smaxor> otherwise you’re just leeching
<Joe> (15:05:45) ~ (@Jerry) how many sites have you made to test any of this stuff today?
<Joe> (15:05:49) ~ (@Jerry) my guess is 0
<Joe> i been building a blog.
<Smaxor> how do you consider doing one thing a test
<Smaxor> build 50 blogs, do them all differently and see what works the best
<Joe> because im sending traffic to it.
<Smaxor> all taken from ideas you see in the serps
<Joe> cant build 50 blogs in one day
<Joe> not real ones anyway
<Joe> maybe autoblogs
<Jerry> you can build more than you currently are if you aren’t chatting in here =)
<Smaxor> yuo can pretty easily build 10 blogs a day using stock templates
<Smaxor> and in 5 days you have 50
<Smaxor> now that’s all 100% manual
<Joe> yes.
<Joe> but a blog is nothing
<Joe> without posts
<Smaxor> right
<Joe> takes me a while to pump out a good, well thought out, decent post
<Smaxor> then post to them every 2 weeks
<Smaxor> so that’s 25 posts a week
<Smaxor> or about 3 posts a day
<Smaxor> if you can do more do more
<Joe> yes but the blog im building right now, is all built around one offer im promoting
<Joe> i donno how blogs do as LP’s
<Joe> so im gonna test it versus the merchant page.
<Smaxor> where did you see that idea working and copy it from?
<Joe> nowhere because im like one of 5 people who are promoting it
<Joe> not that many people are promoting it
<Smaxor> where did you see that strategy working specifically that you copied it from, not where did you see the offer
<Joe> nowhere, because not that many people are promoting it
<Joe> so im testing to see if it will work or not
<Smaxor> nevermind
<Smaxor> you don’t get it
<Smaxor> I’m done with you
<Joe> Smaxor i do get it, and im telling you there’s no one to f***in copy from because no one is f***in promoting it
<Joe> i’ve seen this strategy work in OTHER niches
<Joe> but not in this particular one. so im gonna see how it does because i’ve seen it work in other areas
<Smaxor> I didn’t say anything about the niche EVER
<Smaxor> as I never do
<Smaxor> because most of the time it’s not the “Niche” that makes money it’s the system that promotes it
<Joe> in this case, a blog
<Smaxor> once you have the right “System” you can stuff in any niche
<Joe> agreed.
<Joe> right now, the gist of what im doing, is testing: PPC – > Blog – > Merchant VS. PPC – > Redirect-2-Merchant
<Smaxor> so we return to where we started what blog that someone is advertising did you copy your system from?
<Joe> uh, when you told me to look at the serps for buy viagra
<Joe> the third result was a blog.
<Smaxor> I never look at the hard niches and see someone paying for PPC to a blog
<Smaxor> just doesn’t happen
<Smaxor> so sounds like a piss poor system to me
<Joe> but it’s not a hard niche
<Smaxor> the serps is blackhat
<Smaxor> you’re talking about PPC
<Smaxor> they’re 100% different
<Joe> well i wanna do both
<Smaxor> focus
<Joe> any traffic i can take i will get
<Smaxor> back to where we started
<Joe> i mean any traffic i can get i will take
<Joe> i’ve BEEN doing ppc but i also want to try other things, hence BH
<Smaxor> then you’ll fail at them all
<Smaxor> until you become a pro at one don’t do anything else
<Smaxor> or you’ll spin your wheels
<Joe> okay.
Let me know what you think.



  1. Awesome – you nailed it Smaxor.

    It does not matter one iota what you are doing, but do something and nail it to the freaking wall. Be great at just one thing and you can make a fortune. I am not great at all PPC niches, but I am damn near the best in my little niche.

    Reading blogs, trolling IRC, whining in forums is never ever where the answer is. I never once asked someones advice on how to test or what niches to try I went out and did it..and so should you…

  2. Terrence Terrence

    All of this can be summarized into one sentence

    it’s not the “Niche” that makes money it’s the system that promotes it

  3. mutt mutt

    thanks smaxor..i am the “buy the ebook guy ” when i should just be using that money to test..the lesson really hit home..too unfocused..look at bigger picture..move away from the side of the pool

    merry christmas!

    oh..thanks for your great blog diorex..and..all of the great advice.

  4. chris chris

    great post. Over the past year, I have ramped up my efforts in SEM, and the first thing that happened to me is I was inudnated with all the posibilities. And, of course, most of what I was reading about was old and already used up.

    Recently, I have focused all my eggs in PPC, and, am getting results as I am learning the tactics of what to do to rank for big words, how to beat QS, etc. All because i am 100% focused.

    I think a series on “HOW TO ANALYZE THE SERPS” would rock. That still is something I run into, which is when I am doing deep link analaysis on a site really getting my hands around the message in the data.

    Once you can read the serps, either writting the code or paying someone to do it is almost secondary. the difference between having a puzzle and putting all the pieces togehter, and having a mystery and not knowing whats next. for most, the message of the SERPS can still appear as a mystery.

    Hmm, maybe that could be the name of the blog series “TAO of SERPS: understanding rankings and what they mean”

  5. Max Max

    Nice smaxor. I’ve had similar convos with noobs and it gets maddening after a while. I’m willing to help as long as some effort is shown, but if they can’t even take the time to TRY something themselves I walk away.

    I think it’s a symptom of todays entitlement society. No one wants to work for anything.

  6. Gab Gab

    You should be lecturing and speaking at conferences Smaxor. This post and the thing about the basic regex script to get the # of results in msn… frikkin awesome..

    One issue I do have though is limited resources. It’s nice to suggest making a lot of sites and testing, but that presupposes you’re using throwaway domains. I’ve got a bit of domaining background and, without saying I’ve got true premium generics, the DNs I buy are fairly good. So I don’t want to test them out with bh stuff and risk killing the whole thing.

    What I have done is use my basic html skills to throw up one page sites and use those to link to my primary sites. The one-pagers get forum sig links and such. The catch is that I can’t build these significantly because, like you said, if you try to learn everything, you learn nothing. And my focus now is WH stuff.

    I had a point when I started writing this but seem to have forgot it now. In any case, I do remember that I wanted to ask you about affiliate marketing. I’ve got about a half dozen kw1kw2 domains in a specific niche, where kw1kw2 is a popular search. I’ve found a variety of aff programs in the niche with products to promote. What should be my next step? Build out the sites one at a time? Get one-page sites up on the remainder for backlinks and build site age? Just try and make a powerhouse primary site? What’s the next step?

  7. Mike Mike

    This post put me on the right track, thanks smaxor, I’m off to study the serps!

  8. dude, wtf, I am no where near as whiny as that bitch and all you do is give me shit! WTF!

  9. spazdr8cr spazdr8cr

    cool read, thanks Smaxor for putting that up

  10. Thanks Thanks

    Dude, normally I don’t write any comments.. but because of this post (and some help from your tutorials) I wrote a damn good comment script. just wanna say thanks for the inspiration! greetz

  11. Holy crap man. I know this is an old post…but I feel like I have that conversation about 9 times a fucking day. Wow.

  12. # SlightlyShadySEO Says:
    March 4th, 2008 at 12:06 am

    Holy crap man. I know this is an old post…but I feel like I have that conversation about 9 times a fucking day. Wow.


  13. Your website has definitely inspired me to really re think the way I blog. I have to tell you I appreciate your hard work.

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