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Success can take time…. Amazing artistic representation of success taking time

started from the bottom
started from the bottom – 5 years to go from the left to the right

Very few of us are born with an innate ability to do affiliate marketing. As we think about affiliate marketing there’s:

Server Management
Split Testing
Tracking Tech
Marketing Math
and more I’m sure I’m forgetting right now

I often times see people come in to this space and say I have $500 to spend to start making money. I think this will definitely set you up to FAIL. Success in anything takes a consistent long term repetitive approach.

The art of learning is:
Reading about it
Repetition, Doing it over and over
Trial and Error, small course corrections
Asking questions and learning from others more successful then you

All of these things take time. Some people will pick this up and start making money right away. 9.5 out of 10 times these people end up in a much worse off position then the ones that fail for a while at first. If it’s hard for you and you’re persistent and push through you will continue to be successful throughout your career. If you see easy early success you’ll probably expect that moving forward and it will elude you most of the time. At which point you’ll quit.

I think one of the best articles I’ve seen that shows this is this Huffington Post article. It shows where artists started and where they are today. It gives you an amazing graphical perspective of what hard work & the learning process produces.

I’ve now been in this business just over 10 years. My first year I worked 17 hours a day 7 days a week and made $26k that year. $23k of that was unemployment. So effectively I made around $3k for that years worth of work I invested. Month 13 I made around $100k in profit. I finally found something that worked. I don’t say this to impress you but to impress upon you:

Fall in love with the process & journey
Be committed
And Learn, Learn Learn

Live these traits and I believe you can be successful at anything.


  1. That’s the thing Jason, I don’t know what I should spend the majority of the hours doing! I can only set up so many campaigns – due to a limited budget; working on this doesn’t usually take more than 8 – 10 hours. I spend most of the time testing and tracking. Any tips?

    • I typically have fires, medium term and longer term outcomes I’m working on.

      So I’ll deal with fires first. Then move to medium term. I typically have to schedule the longer term stuff with time boxes.

      Longer term might be building some products like or some other SaaS tech project I’m working on.

      Something you could look at is improving you copy writing, UI/UX, Design skills as a long term thing. So maybe that’s when you have time you practice various things that use these skills. As you can see from the artists, skills take time.

  2. Great article – much gem many wow

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