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Performance Marketing in the next 5-10 years. – AWE Keynote

Wow I had no idea this was published publicly. Pretty excited about that. I thought it was for paid applicants only. But in searching for my own name on google (narcissist) I saw it pop up. Bonus to everyone and excited to hear feedback on if other agree with my point of view.

I think it’s a very special window of time we’re in when it comes to performance marketing. There’s some amazing opportunities and market conditions that are going to make some people extremely wealthy and you can be one of them. I dare to say it’s going to create some billionaires.

Click below to watch my Keynote…

How a Single Media Buyer can Build a $50,000,000+ Profitable Sellable “Business”


  1. Great presentation, sorry I wasn’t able to make it there in person!

    I understand that building a scalable business to eventually sell means you need to specialise in Whitehat offers/ecommerce & traffic sources.

    But as a personal choice if you were going to stay as a one-man band style affiliate, would you specialise in the same whitehat types of offers/ecommerce & traffic sources? Or would you refocus into other areas & if so what?

    • Really depends on the goal. If you want to make 100k a year there’s 100-1,000’s of ways to accomplish this in our space. Now as a single person you want to make a million a year this need different ideas.

      The goals are much more important than whether you want to build a company or operate as a one man band.

      As a one man and your going to have issues scaling consistently past a million a year in my opinion.

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