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How do I pick and Affiliate Offer to run?

Ubaidabcd from forums wrote saying he was having some issues finding offers that worked on the affiliate networks. I started to respond on wickedfire then decided I needed a new blog post.

Bottomline – is a LOT of offers SUCKKKKKKK. Think about this. For most affiliate companies, all you have to do to run an offer is put up a small retainer even if they don’t know you at all. Now anyone can put up and offer, can you think of how many people might try that? What skin is it off their neck to just throw up and offer? Talk about the greatest opportunity for online marketing there is this is a guarantee’d ROI. You don’t pay unless you get something you’re going to make more money on. Now don’t get me wrong there’s definately some fraud in CPA offers, but that’s not the focus of this post. What I’m saying is you have thousands of people trying to make money as affiliates but only a few actually are good at it. The same thing is true for people running offers.

Just for fun lets take Payday Loans as an example. This is a high competition niche and there’s a million offers out there for it. I’ve run most of them, at one time or another, at least as a try. With varying payouts from 14$/loan to 56$/loan. And I’ve seen varying conversion rates from .5% to 18%. Now think about this for a second often times people talk about payout, payout, payout. Well payout is only one part of the equation. Conversion combined with payout is what you’re looking for and to be honest most offers landing pages just don’t convert. Then you get to something like payday loans and there’s another variable to the equation, you typically don’t get paid on most offers unless the lead sells on the backside. Now this happens instantly and most affiliates never see this and a lot don’t even know this is happening. Often times you’ll get a nice conversion on the landing page to an application. However the loan doesn’t sell on the backside for some reason which means you don’t get paid. But this is just another variable in the equation.

I’m no PPC pro but I’m starting to run it more and more. Typically what I do, to find offers is run some blackhat traffic to it which is free for me. Then I test all the offers I can find with random split testing. Then after I’ve run enough traffic to it I just go with the best performing offer and move on to PPC and growing a blackhat/greyhat network for it.

Learn what to look for and know what converts and what doesn’t. Study landing page methodology. Look at the big, highly competive niches you hear about because if you’re not good in these niches you die. Then compare that to the offers you’re looking at. Ask yourself would I buy from this page?

If you don’t have simple split testing code here you go. This will just randomly go through your affiliate urls. Then track your offers at your destination for clicks vs. conversions.


$urls = array(

$url = $urls[array_rand($urls)];
$destination = “Loation: $url”;


Also if you don’t want to redirect you can just replace that last line with an iframe and remove the destination line.

The iframed version:


$urls = array(

$url = $urls[array_rand($urls)];

echo “<meta http-equiv=’refresh’ content=’0; url=$url’>”;



  1. Chuck Chuck

    Great Post.
    I want to know more!
    I am an aspiring affiliate entrepreneur(sp?)
    I need some hand holding to get started.
    Guidance, help, “tell me where to go” hehehe no pun intended
    Chuck Burns

  2. Good suggestions for new aff marketers, esp the split testing aspect.

    The alternative to doing the BH is to run a small scale PPC campaign and run about 50-100 clicks to each offer and see which converts better, then narrow it down to the top 2 and test more.

    I find that with higher paying offers ($10+ up), having a content site (incorporating some copywriting to do the persuasion to the prospect) to pre-sell the offer helps.

    In highly competitive segments like webhosting, having a comparison site helps, cos the human mind is predisposed to thinking that making/getting 3 comparisons does it for their due diligence…

  3. The meta refresh does not work in IE7 – just keep refreshing the page

  4. Thanks for the response.

    yeah that meta refresh needs a url= on the front of it like this

    echo “”;

    should probably test my code before posting it. Normally I just write it on the fly while I’m writing the tutorial. Hope this helps.

  5. Why aren’t affiliate marketers building their own list and working their list instead of making small beer through sending people to affiliates?

    Affiliates convert, say, 2% at best. So 98% of your traffic is lost.

    Instead, if you have a squeeze page, you may get 15% to subscribe. Then you can build relationships through email and make $2 or $5 or $10 per month per subscriber.


  6. Richard I agree with you 100% but I don’t like squeeze pages. If you know what you’re doing get the data from the company you’re working with. Or better yet make them allow you to do server posts and control the whole process. This way you can add coreg options, popunders, build your list and get the affiliate income.

    It’s damn near impossible to compete in PPC in major markets because of this. Imagine if ever visitor was worth double what it is now?

    However CPA Empire in on INC’s 500 fastest growing list with 100 million in gross last year. So a lot of people are. Shows you where the REAL money is.

  7. This is a great article, thanks!

    I’ve been using this method to test several variations of a particular offer and it’s worked out quite well. I still feel like I’m leaving money on the table, though.

    I’d like to take the next step and do some geo targeting by IP so I can redirect non-US visitors to an offer that’s available in their country. I’ve done some research on this, but most of the solutions use a country/IP database that’s way out of date.

    Do you have any ideas about how to take advantage of geo targeting to maximize international traffic?

  8. Pilgrim Pilgrim

    The code above has a few small bugs, here’s a working version:


  9. Hi,

    Chanced upon your website through Uber Affiliates.

    Thanks for te great post on the trackin information.

    But can i know where do i insert this script and how do i use it in order for me to successfully be tracking wad keyword converts and what doesn’t?

    Sorry but i am new to PPC marketing so i might need alot of help from you guys who are way more experts.



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