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Great Post By Diorex on a PPC Plan of Attack

I don’t know how many of my readers are into pay per click affiliate advertising but for those of you who are I just read a great post with a plan of attack for how to take on a new campaign. If you’re not familiar with his blog he has a ton of good info on how to make landing pages that convert, finding affiliate offers and scaling your operation. If you get a chance and are interested check out his blog and this post in particular.


P.S. Try to see past the boasting 😀 He’s really a nice guy.


  1. Hey thanks for shout out.

    Smaxor can you contact me at my email please… Got a question for ya.

  2. Any chance you have a copy of the Affiliate Playbook article? It looks like the Diorex blog is dead.. which really sucks..

    But we still have your awesome blog! =)

  3. I don’t but someone spidered his whole blog and has it around I’ll see if I can find it and repost the whole thing somewhere for everyone.

  4. joe joe

    i have 2 of his articles that i copied and saved for future reference (in the event something like this would happen) – but the first is the affiliate playbook and the second being “how to measure a niche” which i actually liked more…

    seriously – if u want them send me an email to the address i posted and i’ll gladly send over to you. i saved both as word doc’s being the nerd i am.

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