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Free SSL Certificates over at Namecheap.

free sslIf you’re looking to inspire more trust with your users an SSL Certificate is always a good way to go. For example if you’re promoting auto loan leads and have a private label offer then you should have the form page be SSL protected. Both for security and improving your conversions. Up until now it’s been 50-100$ for a SSL certificate, so normally I’d roll out a site/campaign and then if it did decent I’d get an SSL certificate for it. Honestly it will increase you conversions.

Now you can get one for free with every domain purchase. Amazing!

My favorite domain registrar has been for some time. They’re interface is amazing a quick as opposed to some of the other domain reg’s out there * cough godaddyd cough *. And now they’re offering free SSL certs so I’d suggest you go check them out if you’re not already a customer. Here’s the link for the offer ( not an affiliate link as I don’t think they have a program ).

Free SSL Certificate at

Also you can add this nifty little badge to your page as well.

ssl cert badge



  1. For anything running big business, get the Verisign seal, the extra boost in CR is significant over the generic 3rd party seals. Get a seal over nothing at all though!

  2. Hey Smaxor, Diorex making a comment on your blog is pretty much the same value huh? Thanks for the heads up on the ssl.

  3. You’d think some of these companies like comodo and godaddy would get an artist that could come up w/ something that looked more authoritative than what they have for seals.

  4. Smaxor, Thanks for the heads up. Also just a heads up, you don’t have to use the cert for the domain you are registering.

    As always great blog, one of my first comments, but really this is the first blog that has made me get off my ass and do something.

    Thanks again. Always look forward to your forward thinking PHP scripts, they save me a ton of time.

  5. Alan Alan

    I just started using namecheap recently and got the certificate too. I went to and picked up a promo code there. I ended up with a .com domain, privacy protection and an ssl certificate for a total of $8.41. Not bad.

    I did have a problem last week trying to buy a domain with “google” as part of the name, Namecheap rejected it. I went over to Godaddy and got it there with no problems.

    I plan to use namecheap whenever possible. I’ll only use Godaddy as a back up. And I always search Google for promo codes before buying anywhere.

  6. coolguy coolguy

    I didnt have the problem

  7. I have 100 domains on Godaddy and i can say that this company is very reputable.”‘`

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