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Explosive Formula for Affiliate Marketing in the New Year

As a lot of you have noticed as we get closer and closer to Christmas and New Years, traffic and conversions get more and more erratic. Happens every year. With that thought in mind most of the stuff we’re looking at, at this point is planning for the new year. Rather then trying to get campaigns profitable right now we’re setting up pre-sell pages and creatives for new campaigns across the board.

There are two things that make the New Year a fantastic time for affiliate marketing

  1. All the brand advertisers that were buying and bidding up prices leave the market place. So reps for ad companies actually want to talk with us again and have time for us affiliates.
  2. New years resolutions. It’s a new year everyone wants to stop what they’re doing and start doing something better.

With number 2 in mind I decided to try and find a good list of the top New Years resolutions. And came across According to the US Government this is the top list of new years resolutions that US citizens make for themselves.

  • Lose Weight
  • Manage Debt
  • Save Money
  • Get a Better Job
  • Get Fit
  • Get a Better Education
  • Drink Less Alcohol
  • Quit Smoking Now
  • Reduce Stress Overall
  • Reduce Stress at Work
  • Take a Trip
  • Volunteer to Help Others

Any of these niches look familiar? Ironic isn’t it? Pretty much a list start to finish of the best converting niches in affiliate marketing. Ironic Isn’t it?

So lets recap:

Cheap Media ( brand advertisers leaving )+ motivated buyers ( new years resolutions )+ pain products ( see previous post here ) = Dollars in your Wallet.

P.S. of course ask your affiliate manager on A4D if you’re looking for any of these types of offers.


  1. Excellent Post! Actually just a few hours ago I sent an email to all UBot Studio affiliates to plan campaigns / build buzz around the new year resolutions. Hope the sales pick up early next year – I have a lot of people in pipeline who are planning to get their copy of UBot Studio early next year.

    PS: I guess I should finally start experimenting with pure AM now that I have some more employees at office handling stuff that earlier I had to.

  2. People need to make money online…..

  3. Hm, interesting… I guess its time to jump into the new niche, for some reason downloading more zwinkies is not in the list of new year resolutions. :-/ Maybe it’s time for me to try something different, just not sure how to market weight loss, so much competition. 🙁

  4. smaxor-

    great post..great list!

    smaxor, why do brand advertisers leave this time of year?

    i was using google to look up “smaxor” in showed your twitters..that is kinda cool..not sure when they started that.


  5. Hey there – awesome insight. Thanks for the information.


  6. Great post, glad to see more postings on this blog, your insight is some of the most valued in this industry, at least in my opinion. On the subject of new years resolutions, its my mission to get out of my hell hole job (where I’m posting this from) and be a fulltime marketer. I want nothing more than to accomplish that and it is a goal that is far from impossible. Keep up the great words smaxor, I love reading your stuff.

  7. Pd Pd


    a ton of different reasons. 2010 marketing budgets and plans haven’t been finalized so ad spend is minimized. Huge christmas holiday spend. Auditing and analysis of year end reports. Dramatic drop off in quality of traffic right after the holidays. Tons of reasons and they vary company to company but it is pretty standard that the big brands take jan and a chunk of feb out of the game.

  8. Busy time of the year for networks for sure. It is a search for the hot new trends in the market. What is your insight?

  9. The problem with the list is that all those resolutions are repeated every year and all those niches have cut throat competition already.

    • Why do they have cut throat competition? Because there is a lot of money in them. Now if you’re not good and you can’t compete then you have an issue. But honestly something like diet there is soooooo many places to buy traffic that will convert it’s actually easier then something with less competition. Also the scalability of a campaign like this is so much greater then a a small niche where you own it, however can only produce a few sales a day vs. 400-500.

  10. Interesting analysis, although its worth noting that there will be a stimulus boom in green/clean energy and job creation this year (according to obama’s state of the union), so perhaps offers based around that trend will prove successful as we proceed through 2010.

    Oh and a wordpress theme wouldn’t hurt 😉

  11. ubot is great to use to click those links

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