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A4D – Ad:Tech NYC 2013 – Party Invitation

Are you headed out to Ad:Tech NYC 2013?

If so I’d like to personally invite you to our Party we’re throwing at The Griffin nightclub. This is an amazing venue we’ve had events at in the past and they’ve all had raving reviews. We’ve brought in DJ Skribble an amazing veteran DJ that’s been entertaining & impressing crowds for years.

I’m excited to see all of you we’ve done business with over the years. I’m also excited for the opportunity to meet everyone we could potentially do business with moving forward.

Our events are always packed with top tier industry people and everyone will be looking to get more connected and build their businesses with you.

If you plan on coming to see us please signup and get on the list today (if you haven’t already). We look forward to seeing you.

a4d adtech 2013 party image
Oh yeah it’s gonna be fun

Also, if you’d like to schedule a meeting with me or someone of our team and haven’t already. Please let us know.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Jason Akatiff
CEO, A4D & Pixlwise

P.S. I’d suggest getting there early because there’s always a line if you don’t.

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