Insights From a Direct-to-Consumer Product Brand Creator, Platform Builder, and Affiliate Network Owner

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Personal Mission

Insights from a Direct-to-Consumer Product Brand Creator, Platform Builder and Affiliate Network Owner

I truly believe that CPA media buying affiliate marketers are the best marketers in the world.

I know many people that have built massive companies out of the skills they learned as CPA media buying affiliate marketers.

That’s what this blog and my mission is all about. I want to bring the best marketers in the world together and help them bridge the gap to creating amazing things that make the world a better place. Not just things that make money.

rules that I operate

My Principles

If we own the principles, any creative work ... goes on the right course, methodically, giving as a result, if not masterpieces, then good, worthy works.

If we possess the principle, any creative work is possible, even easy, and proceeds in the right course, methodically, resulting in, if not masterpieces, then good, worthy works.

Always build software and own code vs SaaS or licensed software
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Have a personal brand
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Disarm angry people by acting calm and logical
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Recent Posts

My Experiences


Interview - Mindset and Strategies for scaling leadership and teams

Jason Akatiff will give us an insight into his success and how he has been able to continually grow 2 businesses and scaling rapidly. Jason runs 2 businesses both over $60M a year and growing at 50% and 100% per year.

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Sit Down with the Landing Page Guys on the Future of E-commerce

Recently sat down with the Landing Page Guys to discuss the future of the industry and best practices to generate online sales.

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Affiliate Business

Interview with Russian Performance Publication – Zorbas Media

Was over in Barcelona at the Affiliate World conference and got hit up by the Zorbas Media guys. They’re are the largest affiliate publication in…

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Product Development

Some of My Key Philosophies for Scaling a Business

Happy Friday everyone… I’m super excited and honored I was asked to speak at the Ecommerce Cartels Mastermind in Koh Samui over in Thailand September...

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Affiliate Marketing

Opening Talk for Affiliate World Europe 2019

I’m so humbled and always feel honored that people still want to hear what I have to say. Always working to deliver value and give...

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Process Engineering

Simple first steps to building that next HUGE idea you have…

Sometimes just the first few steps of building a plan that’s the hardest. This is actually my favorite place to live and my favorite part of the process of building anything. The truly creative stage of turning nothing into something.

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