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g700 offer breakdown & Product Squad – forum launch

Hope everyone is doing amazing. As always I’ve had 50 things going on and haven’t had much time to post I always feel like I need to spend a bunch of time and build strong posts for my blog. So this keeps me from doing it.

So I decided to put together a forum…
Which is a place I can talk with others about what I’m doing all day. That’s …

g700 Funnel break down post
I love reverse engineering what other people are doing to get good ideas for things I’m doing. As I mentioned above I’m doing a lot of funnel building and we wanted to test the g700 flow so we went through…


Notes – Stanford’s Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders Podcast – Joshua Reeves founder of SaaS Startup Zen Payroll

I’ve been listening to a lot of Stanford – Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders podcasts lately. These are amazing free podcasts where successful entrepreneurs talk for 30-60 minutes about that the difference that makes them success is.

You can check them out here if you want. Stanford – Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders

Do you Actively Listen?

With all books on tape, podcasts, etc I like to make sure I actively listen.

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Life Changing FREE Productivity Tool – Get 30-50% more productivity out of your Team

As affiliates we often start by just doing stuff.

We different things and eventually learn what are best practices and what just sucks.

But very often we just log that away into a special place in our brain and it becomes an innate ability.

Guess what innate abilities are amazing but have some real issues.

They don’t scale well, you’re only 1 person
It’s hard for other people to read your mind
It creates frustration because you talk with others and there’s a level of “assumed” knowledge
There’s others but those are the big ones.

The learning process and it’s flaw in


Affiliate Founded Tech Startups = Great Investment Opportunities for Angels and Venture Capitalist

The most resilient creative business people I’ve ever met are successful affiliate marketers.


Imagine you were at the greatest competitive disadvantage you could possibly be at.

Does that sound something like this?

Own no product
Have and aren’t building a brand for all the marketing being done
Have no competitive advantage

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4 Steps to Building Models for an Affiliate Media Buying Company (or any company for that matter) – 3 of 3

job description clipboard

Welcome back. Glad to see your’e still with me.

Lets get started… (by the way the title of my posts were 3 steps originally, apparently I don’t know how to count.)

Step 4 – Write job descriptions for the roles on our financial model

That that we know what we’re going to focus on, you know what you need to get off your plate that low value

We’re going to write job descriptions… YAY! This sounds fun doesn’t it? NOT!

This isn’t the kind HR would make you write with all the legal crap in them. But rather just a list of duties that you’re going to put someone in charge of.

But it is important. Why you ask? Because we need to think about what you do on a daily basis. If you read through my last 3 part series you already have documented the jobs you do as an affiliate everyday. If you haven’t read it click here and go do it now because it’ll be imperative to you accomplishing this successfully.


4 Steps to Building Models for an Affiliate Media Buying Company (or any company for that matter) – 2 of 3

affiliate assembly line

This how we’re going to have your affiliate business running when we get done here. Just churning out campaigns like assembly line workers. *disclaimer: probably not

Still with me? Have you been doing the exercises? Each of these things leads to the next. We’re going to use pieces to build on.

That means if you haven’t done the past posts I highly suggest heading back and doing them now before moving forward.

Step 3 – Building a media buying business, financial model

For many years I never had a model I operated off of. Well I take that back, I did, just nothing in writing. It was all in my head (bad idea). I had started being an affiliate and all I knew was “I just want to make money”. Then I started A4D and that carried on the same way. I would hire people looking at the overall bottom line and thinking well they’re making money so I’m good. But operating this way made me not want to hire anyone that didn’t directly make the company revenue. Such as sales reps and account managers.

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4 Steps to Building Models for an Affiliate Media Buying Company (or any company for that matter) – 1 of 3

affiliate models

Hmm well maybe not that kind of model.

Maybe this is more appropriate?

building a business

Boring! You wouldn’t have clicked on that one I’m sure.

Anyways lets get down to business.

If you didn’t read my last 3 part series. It was about how to build a system for freeing  up your time to spend it on high value activities.

Well guess what this is your first HIGH VALUE ACTIVITY!

Obviously a lot of the last post was taking things off your plate and putting them on others. But you have to be careful about that. Why? Because, the MOST IMPORTANT thing about hiring people; is that you put them into good systems.

But how do you build and design those systems?

I’m not going to claim to be an expert in this department. I didn’t graduate from college and have learned from the world of hard knox. No fancy MBA’s or prestigious schools here. However over the last 20 years of running small to larger businesses I’ve constantly re-analyze what I’m doing and make it better. So this is all based on many years of building systems and companies.

Hope that’s good enough for you…. if not well you know what’s I’d say if you know me 😀

I hope there’s some PhD’s in business management that can give pointers in the comments on how to do things even better and even more efficient.

Lets get started with the magical process (well not really magical, but it sounded good)….