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Old Video Interview of Me And Tracking202

I never posted this video before of me being interviewed by Wes Mahler one of the founders of Tracking202 the open source affiliate tracking software. I’ve had some people recently ask me where to find it and get a lot of great feedback about it from newer publishers so I thought I’d put it up here for everyone to easily find.

See yah at Affiliate Summit West 🙂


  1. Russell Buelna Russell Buelna

    Hey Jason, just wanted to say it was great to meet you at ASW10 this last weekend. Rob Adler was my mentor there, and I enjoyed the networking. Also spoke a lot with your guy Mike Navarini. Let me know if you do decide to have some sort of 1 week course down in SD, I live 2 hours from there and I’d love to come out. See you at another meetup.

  2. Just watched the video and it was very informative. Also just found this blog and bookmarked it, so that I can track you in the future.

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