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Month: January 2016

Traffic & Conversion 2016 – A4D & Charles Ngo – Cocktail Hour

After last years HUGE Success for our Traffic & Conversion Summit meet up cocktail hour with Charles and A4D are going to do it again.
This is not the A4D Meet Up… That will be held on June 4th, 2016, more info on that shortly.

Just like last year, me and my good friend Charles Ngo from Affcelerator will be putting the event together for San Diego’s huge affiliate hub.

The event will be held at the Field Irish Bar, the same venue and setup as last year’s meetup.

It’s going to be an open bar and take place immediately after Day 2 of Traffic & Conversions Summit.

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[Video] How To make a Facebook Campaign Successful – Excel worksheet included

Hey everyone, as promised here’s a quick video on how to use that A4D Media Buying worksheet out there.

I walk through what our Media Buying Department does, which is where this sheet came from.

I hope this gives you some good ideas on how to make your next Facebook Ad Campaigns successful.


( 3 ) Secrets to successful Facebook Ad campaigns…. Offervault Webinar

Offervault was nice enough to invite me to do a Webinar with them. In that webinar I talked about

Why CTR matters so much and how it alone can make you a successful Facebook Ad Buyer.
What is the biggest difference between new and expert advertising buyers.
How you can learn to build muscle memory in these skill sets without spending a lot of real world money.