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Month: March 2014

Free User Test – Listen to You Audience, Get An Honest Opinion

We use for various projects. It’s a great service to get verbal feedback and recordings of users talking about your web site & landing pages. We use it quite a bit for our game developments to find bugs in browsers we don’t have as well as get feedback on playability and the ever elusive “fun”.

Often times when we ask friends they answer “in kind” meaning they tell you it’s great because they don’t to hurt your feelings. This will give you much more honest feedback.

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Life Changing FREE Productivity Tool – Get 30-50% more productivity out of your Team

As affiliates we often start by just doing stuff.

We different things and eventually learn what are best practices and what just sucks.

But very often we just log that away into a special place in our brain and it becomes an innate ability.

Guess what innate abilities are amazing but have some real issues.

They don’t scale well, you’re only 1 person
It’s hard for other people to read your mind
It creates frustration because you talk with others and there’s a level of “assumed” knowledge
There’s others but those are the big ones.

The learning process and it’s flaw in


Free Getty Images – No Watermarks

Not sure if you saw this but it’s HUGE news.

Getty is the largest store of of online photography and is known for going around and suing people for using their images without the proper license.

Basically you can use a Getty image on a site as long as you give attribution back to Getty. They do this by giving you

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4 Rituals; I Follow These and They’ve Been Found In A High % of Successful People

Fist off I wish someone had given me this list and said “Make these into habits and you’ll be successful”. Of course I had to learn the hard way.

There’s lot of lists like this around and I’ve even posted some here. Some are long, some are shorter. But I thought this one was a tell tale indicator for success with only 4 points. I’m going to be adding these to our hiring questions because I know if someone is doing them they’ll fit very well into our environment as well as accelerate success in our organization. And I know this based on my own habits….

Those Ah Ha Moments

I love it when